Mazda CX-9 Owners Manual: Heated Steering Wheel

The grips on the left and right of the steering wheel can be warmed up.

Seat Warmer/Seat Ventilation/Heated Steering Wheel

The ignition must be switched ON.

Press the switch to turn on the heated steering wheel. The heated steering wheel operates for about 30 minutes and then turns off automatically.

The indicator light illuminates when the heater is operating.

To turn off the heated steering wheel before the 30 minutes has elapsed, press the switch again.


The following types of persons should be careful not to touch the steering wheel.

Otherwise, it could cause a low-temperature burn.

  • Infants, small children, elderly people, and physically challenged people
  • People with delicate skin
  • People who are excessively fatigued
  • People who are intoxicated
  • People who have taken sleep-inducing medicine such as sleeping pills or cold medicine
    Seat Ventilation

    Seat Belt Systems

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