Mazda CX-9 Owners Manual: Seat Warmer

The front/second-row seats are electrically heated. The ignition must be switched ON.

Press the seat warmer switch while the ignition is switched ON to operate the seat warmer. The indicator lights turn on to indicate that the seat warmer is operating.

The mode changes as follows each time the seat warmer switch is pressed.


Seat Warmer/Seat Ventilation/Heated Steering Wheel

Second-row seat

Seat Warmer/Seat Ventilation/Heated Steering Wheel


Be careful when using the seat warmer: The heat from the seat warmer may be too hot for some people, as indicated as follows, and could cause a low-temperature burn.

  • Infants, small children, elderly people, and physically challenged people
  • People with delicate skin
  • People who are excessively fatigued
  • People who are intoxicated
  • People who have taken sleep-inducing medicine such as sleeping pills or cold medicine

Do not use the seat warmer with anything having high moisture-retention ability such as a blanket or cushion on the seat: The seat may be heated excessively and cause a low-temperature burn.

Do not use the seat warmer even when taking a short nap in the vehicle: The seat may be heated excessively and cause a low-temperature burn.

Do not place heavy objects with sharp projections on the seat, or insert needles or pins into it: This could cause the seat to become excessively heated and result in injury from a minor burn.


  • (Second-row seat) Before folding a second-row seatback, make sure that the second-row seat warmer switch is off. If a second-row seatback is folded while the second-row seat warmer is in operation, it may heat the seat excessively and damage the seat surface.
  • Do not use organic solvents to clean the seat. It may damage the seat surface and the heater.


  • Use the seat warmer when the engine is running. Leaving the seat warmer on for long periods with the engine not running could cause the battery power to be depleted.
  • When the engine is stopped while the seat warmers are operating and then the ignition is switched ON, the seat warmers will not turn back on automatically. To turn the seat warmer back on, press the switch. In addition, the second-row seat warmer operation stops automatically after the seat warmers have operated for about 90 minutes.
  • The temperature of the seat warmer cannot be adjusted beyond High, Mid and Low because the seat warmer is controlled by a thermostat.
  • (Vehicles with seat ventilation) The front seat warmer cannot be used at the same time as the seat ventilation.
    Seat Warmer/Seat Ventilation/Heated Steering Wheel

    Seat Ventilation

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