Mazda CX-9 Owners Manual: Operating Tips

  • Operate the climate control system with the engine running.
  • To prevent the battery from being discharged, do not leave the fan control switch on for a long period of time with the ignition switched ON when the engine is not running.
  • Clear all obstructions such as leaves, snow and ice from the hood and the air inlet in the cowl grille to improve the system efficiency.
  • Use the climate control system to defog the windows and dehumidify the air.
  • The recirculate mode should be used when driving through tunnels or while in a traffic jam, or when you would like to shut off outside air for quick cooling of the interior.
  • Use the outside air position for ventilation or windshield defrosting.
  • If the vehicle has been parked in direct sunlight during hot weather, open the windows to let warm air escape, then run the climate control system.
  • Run the air conditioner about 10 minutes at least once a month to keep internal parts lubricated.
  • Have the air conditioner checked before the weather gets hot. Lack of refrigerant may make the air conditioner less efficient.

    The refrigerant specifications are indicated on a label attached to the inside of the engine compartment. If the wrong type of refrigerant is used, it could result in a serious malfunction of the air conditioner. Consult a professional, government certified repairer for the inspection or repair because a special device is required for the air conditioner maintenance.

    For details, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer.

Climate Control System

Vent Operation (Front)

Adjusting the Vents

Directing airflow

To adjust the direction of airflow, move the adjustment knob.


  • When using the air conditioner under humid ambient temperature conditions, the system may blow fog from the vents.

    This is not a sign of trouble but a result of humid air being suddenly cooled.

  • The air vents can be fully opened and closed by operating the dial. (Side vents only)

Side Vents

Climate Control System

Center Vents

Climate Control System

Selecting the Airflow Mode

Climate Control System

NOTE The location airflow exits the air vents and the airflow amount may change depending on the open or close status of the air vents.

    Climate Control System

    Front Air Conditioner

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