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The Advanced SCBS alerts the driver of a possible collision using the display and a warning sound when the Forward Sensing Camera (FSC) detects a vehicle ahead or pedestrian and determines that a collision with the object is unavoidable while the vehicle is driven at a vehicle speed of about 4 to 80 km/h (2 to 50 mph) if the object is a vehicle ahead and about 10 to 80 km/h (6.2 to 50 mph) if the object is a pedestrian. In addition, the system reduces damage in the event of a collision by operating the brake control (Advanced SCBS brake) when the system determines that a collision is unavoidable. In addition, when the driver depresses the brake pedal, the brakes are applied firmly and quickly to assist. (Brake Assist (Advanced SCBS brake assist) )



Do not rely completely on the Advanced SCBS system:

  • The Advanced SCBS system is only designed to reduce damage in the event of a collision.

    Over reliance on the system leading to the accelerator pedal or brake pedal being mistakenly operated could result in an accident.

  • The Advanced SCBS system operates in response to a vehicle ahead or a pedestrian. The system does not operate in response to obstructions such as a wall, 2-wheeled vehicles, or animals.


In the following cases, turn the system off to prevent a mis-operation:

  • The vehicle is being towed or when towing another vehicle.
  • The vehicle is on a chassis roller.
  • When driving on rough roads such as in areas of dense grass or off-road.

Refer to Stopping the Advanced Smart City Brake Support (Advanced SCBS) System Operation on how to turn off the Advanced SCBS system.


  • The Advanced SCBS system will operate under the following conditions.
    • The engine is running.
    • The Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) warning indication(amber) does not illuminate.
    • (Object is vehicle ahead) The vehicle speed is between about 4 to 80 km/h (2 to 50 mph).
    • (Object is a pedestrian) The vehicle speed is between about 10 to 80 km/h (6.2 to 50 mph).
    • The Advanced SCBS system is not turned off.
  • Under the following conditions, the Advanced SCBS system may not operate normally:
    • The Advanced SCBS system will not operate if the driver is deliberately performing driving operations (accelerator pedal and steering wheel).
    • If there is the possibility of partial contact with a vehicle ahead.
    • The vehicle is driven on a slippery road surface such as wet roads or icy or snow-bound roads.
    • The braking performance is adversely affected due to cold temperatures or wet brakes.
    • The vehicle is driven at the same speed as the vehicle ahead.
    • The accelerator pedal is depressed.
    • The brake pedal is depressed.
    • The steering wheel is being operated.
    • The selector lever is being operated.
  • In the following cases, the Advanced SCBS may operate.
    • Objects on the road at the entrance to a curve.
    • Vehicles passing in the opposite lane while making a curve.
    • When passing through a toll gate.
    • When passing through low gates, narrow gates, car washing machines, or tunnels.
    • If you suddenly come close to a vehicle ahead.
    • 2-wheeled vehicles, animals, or standing trees.

Collision Warning

If there is the possibility of a collision with a vehicle ahead, the beep sounds continuously and a warning is indicated in the multi-information display or the active driving display.

NOTE The operation distance and volume of the collision warning can be changed.

Automatic Brake Operation Display

The automatic brake operation display is indicated on the multi-information display after the Advanced SCBS is operated.


  • The collision warning beep sounds intermittently while the Advanced SCBS brake or brake assist (Advanced SCBS brake assist) is operating.
  • If the vehicle is stopped by the Advanced SCBS operation and the brake pedal is not depressed, the warning beep sounds 1 time after about 2 seconds and the Advanced SCBS brake is automatically released.

Stopping the Advanced Smart City Brake Support (Advanced SCBS) System Operation

The Advanced SCBS system can be temporarily deactivated.

When the Advanced SCBS system is turned off, the Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) OFF indicator light turns on.

When the engine is restarted, the system becomes operational.

NOTE When the Advanced SCBS system is set to inoperable, the Smart Brake Support (SBS) are also set to inoperable.

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    Smart City Brake Support (SCBS)

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