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The ignition must be switched ON to use the turn and lane-change signals.

Turn Signals

Move the signal lever down (for a left turn) or up (for a right turn) to the stop position. The signal will self-cancel after the turn is completed.

If the indicator light continues to flash after a turn, manually return the lever to its original position.

Switches and Controls

The turn signal indicators in the instrument cluster flash according to the operation of the turn signal lever to show which signal is working.


  • If an indicator light stays on without flashing or if it flashes abnormally, one of the turn signal bulbs may be burned out.
  • A personalized function is available to change the turn indicator sound volume.

Lane-Change Signals

Move the lever halfway toward the direction of the lane change―until the indicator flashes― and hold it there. It will return to the off position when released.

Three-Flash Turn Signal

After releasing the turn signal lever, the turn signal indicator flashes 3 times. The operation can be cancelled by moving the lever in the direction opposite to which it was operated.

NOTE The three-flash turn signal function can be switched to operable/inoperable using the personalization function.

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