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Advanced Keyless Entry System


Radio waves from the key may affect medical devices such as pacemakers: Before using the key near people who use medical devices, ask the medical device manufacturer or your physician if radio waves from the key will affect the device.

The advanced keyless function allows you to lock/unlock the door and the liftgate, or open the liftgate while carrying the key.

System malfunctions or warnings are indicated by the following warning beeps.

  • Request switch Inoperable Warning Beep.
  • Key Left-in-luggage Compartment Warning Beep.
  • Key Left-in-vehicle Warning Beep.

NOTE The advanced keyless entry system functions can be deactivated to prevent any possible adverse effect on a user wearing a pacemaker or other medical device. If the system is deactivated, you will be unable to start the engine by carrying the key. Consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer for details. If the advanced keyless entry system has been deactivated, you can start the engine by following the procedure indicated when the key battery goes dead.

Operational Range

The system operates only when the driver is in the vehicle or within operational range while the key is being carried.

NOTE When the battery power is low, or in places where there are high-intensity radio waves or noise, the operational range may become narrower or the system may not operate.

Locking, Unlocking the Doors and the Liftgate


Operational Range


Operational Range


  • The system may not operate if you are too close to the windows or door handles, or liftgate.
  • If the key is left in the following areas and you leave the vehicle, the doors may be locked depending on the radio wave conditions even if the key is left in the vehicle.
    • Around the dashboard
    • In the storage compartments such as the glove compartment or the center console
    • Next to a communication device such as a mobile phone

Opening the Liftgate

Operational Range


    Doors and Locks

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