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Categories of Child-Restraint Systems

NOTE When purchasing, ask the manufacturer of the child-restraint system which type of child-restraint system is appropriate for your child and vehicle.

(Mexico) Child-restraint systems are classified into the following 5 groups according to the UN-R 44 regulation.

Child Restraint

(Except Mexico) Please comply with the legal regulations concerning the use of child-restraint systems in your country.

Child-Restraint System Types

In this owner's manual, explanation of child-restraint systems is provided for the following three types of popular child-restraint systems: infant seat, child seat, booster seat.


  • Installation position is determined by the type of child-restraint system.

    Always read the manufacturer's instructions and this owner's manual carefully.

  • Due to variations in the design of child-restraint systems, vehicle seats and seat belts, all child-restraint systems may not fit all seating positions. Before purchasing a child-restraint system, it should be tested in the specific vehicle seating position (or positions) where it is intended to be used. If a previously purchased child-restraint system does not fit, you may need to purchase a different one that will.

Infant seat

An infant seat provides restraint by bracing the infant's head, neck and back against the seating surface.

Equal to Group 0 and 0+ of the UN-R 44 and UN-R 129 regulation.

Child seat

A child seat restrains a child's body using the harness.

Equal to Group 1 of the UN-R 44 and UN-R 129 regulation.

Booster seat

A booster seat is a child restraint accessory designed to improve the fit of the seat belt system around the child's body.

Equal to Group 2 and 3 of the UN-R 44 and UN-R 129 regulation.

Child Restraint

    Child-Restraint Precautions

    Child-Restraint System Suitability for Various Seat Positions Table

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