Mazda CX-9 Owners Manual: Emergency Starting

Starting a Flooded Engine

If the engine fails to start, it may be flooded (excessive fuel in the engine).

Follow this procedure:

1. If the engine does not start within 5 seconds on the first try, wait 10 seconds and try again.

2. Make sure the parking brake is on.

3. Depress the accelerator all the way and hold it there.

4. Depress the brake pedal, then press the push button start. If the engine starts, release the accelerator immediately because the engine will suddenly rev up.

5. If the engine fails to start, crank it without depressing the accelerator.

If the engine still does not start using the previous procedure, have your vehicle inspected by an Authorized Mazda Dealer.


Do not push-start your Mazda.


Never tow a vehicle to start it: Towing a vehicle to start it is dangerous.

The vehicle being towed could surge forward when its engine starts, causing the 2 vehicles to collide. The occupants could be injured.

NOTE You cannot start a vehicle with an automatic transaxle by pushing it.

    Battery Runs Out


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