Mazda CX-9 Owners Manual: Storage Compartments


Keep storage boxes closed when driving: Driving with the storage boxes open is dangerous. To reduce the possibility of injury in an accident or a sudden stop, keep the storage boxes closed when driving.

Do not put articles in storage spaces with no lid: Putting articles in storage spaces with no lid is dangerous as they could be thrown around the cabin if the vehicle is suddenly accelerated and cause injury depending on how the article is stored.

CAUTION Do not leave lighters or eyeglasses in the storage boxes while parked under the sun.

A lighter could explode or the plastic material in eyeglasses could deform and crack from high temperature.

Overhead Console

This console box is designed to store eyeglasses or other accessories.

Push and release to open.

Interior Equipment

Glove Compartment

To open the glove compartment, pull the latch toward you.

To close the glove compartment, firmly press in the center of the glove compartment lid.

Center Console

To open, push the button.

Armrest Box

To open, push the button and pull up the lid.

Luggage Compartment

Cargo Securing Loops


Make sure luggage and cargo is secured before driving: Not securing cargo while driving is dangerous as it could move or be crushed during sudden braking or a collision and cause injury.

Use the loops in the luggage compartment to secure cargo with a rope or net. The tensile strength of the loops is 196 N (20 kgf, 44 lbf). Do not apply excessive force to the loops as it will damage them.

Cargo Sub-Compartment

Center cargo sub-compartment

Raise the luggage board to put small items in the cargo sub-compartment.

Side cargo sub-compartment

Open the cover to put small items in the cargo sub-compartment.


Loading golf bags (Some golf bags may not fit using the following methods depending on their sizes.) Up to two golf bags can be carried in the luggage compartment.

Bottom: Place the first golf bag in the luggage compartment with the bottoms pointed to the left.

Top: Place the second golf bag with its bottom pointed to the right in the luggage compartment.

Interior Equipment

Shopping Bag Hook

The shopping bag hook can be used for hanging shopping bags.

CAUTION Do not hang excessive weight on the shopping bag hook as it could be damaged.

Interior Equipment

Rear Coat Hooks


Never hang heavy or sharp objects on the assist grips and coat hooks: Hanging heavy or sharp-ended objects such as a coat hanger from the assist grips or coat hooks is dangerous as they can fly off and hit an occupant in the cabin if a curtain air bag was to deploy, which could result in serious injury or death.

Always hang clothes on the coat hooks and the assist grips without hangers.

Interior Equipment

Sunshade (Rear Door Window)

The sunshades are equipped to the windows on both sides of the second-row seats.

Hold the tab and pull the sunshade upward and hook the slots.

Interior Equipment

To return the sunshade to its original position, unhook the sunshade and retract it slowly.


  • Securely hook the sunshade. Otherwise, the sunshade may retract suddenly resulting in injury such as fingers get pinched.
  • Use the sunshades only when the windows are fully closed. Using a sunshade while a window is open could cause is to unhook and flap around inside the cabin where it can hit someone sitting near the window, resulting in injury.
    Cup Holder

    Maintenance and Care

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